Link Love! 8/10

ED Recovery-ish Stuff:  “Set Point Theory” (Study) The Effects of Under-eating (Article) Random: Personality Test (free) My result:  Encouraging God stuff:  Overcoming A Storm (newsletter) Struggles used for God’s glory (blog) “Truths” we allow into our lives (blog)     And at least one music video: This song never gets annoying! “Legacy”  


For my Issues in Diversity class, I had to come up with a “Changemaker” presentation. So wherever you have a bias, you participate in an event and interview the type of person you have a bias against. I chose to do the over-weight population. In the middle of my ED, I used a lot of… Read More Death.

The Default.

You lack appetite just a few days. You got sick and couldn’t stomach anything. You didn’t have time, needed to go grocery shopping, or got distracted. You default.     Although I’m “recovered,” I’ve noticed a little trend in my mind. As soon as I feel nauseous or anything else and choose not to eat, I… Read More The Default.

Link Love 3/19

Just a few reads this time! (Due to my stolen phone 😦  & I was collecting quite a list of awesome links saved on there too!!)    The Huffington Post- ‘I feel fat’: How to Feel Instantly Better in Your Body   2. Recovery Warriors- “Eating Disorders and Depression: How They’re Related” Eating Disorders and… Read More Link Love 3/19

Ed Attack.

I wake up feeling rested. My sleeping has improved quite a bit. I have my cup of Joe, but don’t feel like eating yet. I start getting ready, brushing my hair. I “body-check” my back. Ed screams, “Back rolls! You’ve got back rolls, you’ve NEVER had back rolls!” I panic. I lose it just a… Read More Ed Attack.