Blog post worthy- “The dangerous ways ads see women”

It’s pretty eye-opening to know that someone on a magazine cover could have facial parts from multiple people! I know media influenced my perception of beauty a lot. Last year, my sister told me, “Look around, what do you see? THIS is reality. THESE people are reality. What you see in the media is not real… Read More Blog post worthy- “The dangerous ways ads see women”

Ed Attack.

I wake up feeling rested. My sleeping has improved quite a bit. I have my cup of Joe, but don’t feel like eating yet. I start getting ready, brushing my hair. I “body-check” my back. Ed screams, “Back rolls! You’ve got back rolls, you’ve NEVER had back rolls!” I panic. I lose it just a… Read More Ed Attack.

10 health benefits of Selfies:

Common sense title, so here goes, enjoy Individuals exercise different muscle groups as odd positions are attempted. Selfies are FREE. The side effects are only suffered by outsiders, no side effects are felt by the individual taking a Selfie. Increase seratonin, melatonin, benatonin, mycololin, pelicolin, abecolin, shetonin, semitonin, ryoboxin, killicoxin, robotussin, aleve, tylenol, benedryl, zyrtec… Read More 10 health benefits of Selfies: