Link Love! 8/10

ED Recovery-ish Stuff:  “Set Point Theory” (Study) The Effects of Under-eating (Article) Random: Personality Test (free) My result:  Encouraging God stuff:  Overcoming A Storm (newsletter) Struggles used for God’s glory (blog) “Truths” we allow into our lives (blog)     And at least one music video: This song never gets annoying! “Legacy”  


For my Issues in Diversity class, I had to come up with a “Changemaker” presentation. So wherever you have a bias, you participate in an event and interview the type of person you have a bias against. I chose to do the over-weight population. In the middle of my ED, I used a lot of… Read More Death.

Blog post worthy- “The dangerous ways ads see women”

It’s pretty eye-opening to know that someone on a magazine cover could have facial parts from multiple people! I know media influenced my perception of beauty a lot. Last year, my sister told me, “Look around, what do you see? THIS is reality. THESE people are reality. What you see in the media is not real… Read More Blog post worthy- “The dangerous ways ads see women”