10 health benefits of Selfies:

Common sense title, so here goes, enjoy Individuals exercise different muscle groups as odd positions are attempted. Selfies are FREE. The side effects are only suffered by outsiders, no side effects are felt by the individual taking a Selfie. Increase seratonin, melatonin, benatonin, mycololin, pelicolin, abecolin, shetonin, semitonin, ryoboxin, killicoxin, robotussin, aleve, tylenol, benedryl, zyrtec… Read More 10 health benefits of Selfies:

The Friendship of Ms. Self-Destruction & Mrs. Self-Harm

I see her everywhere. In response to pain, she hurts herself. Sometimes she’s a single girl, at others she’s a married (still, somehow lonely) woman. Many times you see her leading her own children, the example of theirs. Why don’t I mention a Mr. Self-Infliction? My resilient life has mostly seen them women. When you… Read More The Friendship of Ms. Self-Destruction & Mrs. Self-Harm