ED as a 1st priority.

Last week, I got a new book called “Almost Anorexic.” As I began reading it, I could heard Ana’s voice whisper, “That was you! You weren’t REALLY anorexic! Why don’t we try this again? You can do ‘better’ (a.k.a. get smaller) than where you were before!” (In my head I hear Ludacris rapping “How low can you go?”) But even Cady from Mean Girls knows that:

I’ve written a post before called Sicker than you  when I was almost at my 6-month point in recovery.

It’s a wonder the same thoughts can still come up now, 1/2 a year later. Of course it’s much easier to push them aside than before, but the temptation occasionally still knocks at my door. So at this point, what is it that helps me say “no” to Ana & “yes” to recovery?


Not just the one with my boyfriend, but the relationships I have with my family, co-workers, friends, and even just acquaintances. There is 1 thing each ED fighter can admit: When you accept an ED, it becomes your #1 priority. You become more faithful to it than to anyone, or anything, else.

Giving in to ED means:

  1. To think about satisfying it more than anyone else.
  2. To give it more thought than anything else.
  3. To spend more time working for it than spending it with your loved ones.
  4. To give up enjoying the little things of life.
  5. To allow it to dictate your mood and day.

It means to literally lay down your life.  

So who, or what, is worth laying down your life for?



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