The Default.

You lack appetite just a few days.

You got sick and couldn’t stomach anything.

You didn’t have time, needed to go grocery shopping, or got distracted.

You default.    

Although I’m “recovered,” I’ve noticed a little trend in my mind. As soon as I feel nauseous or anything else and choose not to eat, I default to the mentality that “less is more.”I start feeling happier with myself as I feel that I am once again- in control.

The ED mentality. That’s what it is.

If you’ve told yourself a lie for an X amount of years, it may take that X amount of years to keep fighting it off. Will it be worth it? Yes. Might it be a massive amount of work? Yes.

The same default concept can apply to other life habits too. If not an ED, you might turn to stupid spending, over exercising, skipping school, drinking, useless relationships, watching what you shouldn’t, compulsively lying, withdrawing yourself from others, etc. The list goes on and on. Or… maybe you’re perfect and your default is singing songs of joy. Now, if only we were all like you.

Where does your mind default to dear fellow?

2 thoughts on “The Default.

  1. I know that I comment on all of your posts but i just want to let you know that this is my favorite recovery blog. Keep Blogging Girl ❤


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