New Therapist: Friend or Foe

Instead of seeing my regular therapist today, I met with a new one. This time it’s a lady. She had red eyes (or so it seemed) & was quick to speak. She imitated my body language to the T. She used reflective speaking (“So it seems you are saying…“) Lol. Sorry ladies & gents, I appreciate the effort, but I was thinking- just be normal, come on!!! I’ll be seeing her every week now because my former therapist wasn’t a long-term therapist. This transition feels weird. She says, “We will be building a relationship and will be getting to know each other, we will just have a place to be real, etc.” I was thinking- Not so fast! I’ll see about that!

She asked me what I wanted to work on & what brought me to therapy. Obviously, I told her it was an eating disorder. She proceeded to tell me that the people here (she just moved to my state) don’t eat healthy food and it’s good to be aware of everything you eat. Sure, that might be true, but that doesn’t necessarily encourage me to run ED-free. I told her I don’t want have every morsel of my food memorized each day, she says, “I do that! It’s not a bad thing!” Really. Maybe you need some counseling too. What’s so fun about memorizing every detail of your food, yet forgetting what the person next to you just told you a minute ago?

Rude or Real?

I know I’m quick to make assumptions with this, but when you know you are “supposed” have an intimate relationship with anyone, it’s fine and probably healthy to be concerned.

I waved a hello & chatted to my newly “old” therapist for a brief minute on my way out. I already miss him! I KNEW that after this appointment I’d have something I’d need to write about! Will my new therapist be my friend? We’ll see, I’ll keep you posted. Peace out.


If you’ve had to switch therapists, how was that transition for you?

2 thoughts on “New Therapist: Friend or Foe

  1. Oh the joys of finding the “right” therapist!

    I think you’re smart to be cautious, but also to give her another chance.

    She may have been playing it down to keep open communication and make you feel more comfortable.
    You are an open and honest person, and admirably so! If only everyone could be so open and honest back. She probably wasn’t expecting you to be so eager to hear the truth, even when it hurts. I’m sure it’s rare to meet someone who genuinely seeks freedom as you do! Others may claim to want freedom.. But are not as willing to battle for it when the going gets tough. She may have been cautious of that and tried to break the ice where the ice has already been broken, if that makes sense!

    On the other hand, she may be a quick pit stop on the road to meeting the “right” long term therapist!

    Either way, you are wise! Hang in there. You’ve come way too far to let one poorly rated meeting with a therapist throw you for a loop! Obviously, you know that. But reminders are nice sometimes.


    1. Thank you so much for commenting back, and in great detail 🙂 I love that you speak into a person’s identity and share what you think. I’ll give it another week lol to feel it out! Love you!!!


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