It’s a heart issue.

‘Tis a funny moment I encountered as I drove home just a few days ago. I was listening to Pandora (upbeat music of course) when a song came on that intrigued me. All I heard from it was “Celebrate the Rain,” so of course, I felt like I’m trying to “celebrate the rain” in my life. Now, before you laugh, recognize that there are plenty of times that you too- sing along (or attempt to) sing to songs that you don’t know the meaning of. So there I am, jamming out, PRAISING GOD. Literally, I was like- God, man you know this Ed recovery stuff is hard, but I’m just gonna try to “celebrate” it, hoping it brings something good. 

No, I wasn’t singing THAT song. And I was by myself of course.

Forward the nighttime. The next morning I’m driving to work right, and I’m like- oooh, let me find that song on Youtube! So I find it, and prop up my phone onto my dashboard. [I did keep at least one eye on the road, that’s why I’m still alive, don’t you worry now.]  And then I realize…1e39337c14c10959f5e78a0bf41f693d

… This song- that led me to “worship” God yesterday, has one of theee most demonic music videos ever! I recognized it was demonic within the first few seconds of watching (or half-watching) it. I’m not a fan of the devil & don’t like to focus on “demonic activity.” I don’t search for demons everywhere, but this was way to easy to spot! Personally, I like to search for God. I find him, sometimes in the most unexpected places. His sweet presence is EVERYWHERE. In the valley of the shadow, HE is there with you- in the darkest places, in the worst times of your life.

Why do I share this? Because everything comes down to the condition of our hearts. When we seek the One we do, we’ll find him. And even those “worldly” or straight up “evil” things can be made into a joke when God is by your side. If Daddy God is not the biggest fan of our heart- TV, makeup, sports, alcohol, literally anything- can serve as stumbling block in our lives. However, when eyes are on HIM, there’s no way to even trip up. The enemy can get jipped even when he tries. Ah, that Redeemer. There He goes again!

I am not advocating for you to listen to that song, or attempt to do things that your heart gets convicted of. What I DO advocate however, is just to walk WITH God. As did Noah. And look at him go, safely floating above the storm.

'That's probably not a good sign.'


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