Link Love #1


I’ve seen others post the links they love & I figure I might as well start, so welcome to my first one!

1: This girl is completely victorious. In the following post, she writes a detailed convo with Ed throughout the day. Sometimes in recovery we think “Ed wasn’t so bad, maybe I should go back.” Brittany’s post reminds us of how horrible and harsh Ed really is.

The next is another of Brittany’s posts:


2. The BEST Russian recipes site ever! (I was the first in my fam to be born in America, thus I’m an “Americanized Russian.”) If you want to try a new recipe, check it out:


3. One of my fave bloggers:

The only Christian blog I follow (he’s awesome):

4. One of my fave Instagram accounts (iloveinstagram):

ed6ac2ea5ac1439e104a85d842eaf3c3She really has become more beautiful after weight gain..

5. Youtube video for the day:

Hope you enjoy these links, have a fabulous start to this year! Xoxo



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