The God-Man.

12342537_945044512199980_6505866638204723235_nThis aint his eye. It’s mine. But looking in a human’s eyes I once saw freedom: Read on.

Once upon my religious time, I met a man. As he spoke to me I literally felt like it was God. I lost all sense of time and fear. As I looked in his eyes I felt:

  1. Utter peace- I didn’t want to go anywhere but to stay with him, right there. I was safe.
  2. Special- Like he knew everything about me. In fact, everything about everyone, yet I was still the apple of his eye.
  3. Excited- I felt giddy like I was meeting the love of my life and the future only looked bright.
  4. Worthy.
  5. Understood- I needn’t say a single word. He already understood it all.
  6. No doubt- about who I saw or what he said. 100% trust.
  7. Happy, joyful, FINALLY at rest.

He was probably around 70, a missionary from South Africa who met with people in my church. He was visiting and I, along with a group of girls, got to listen to him talk. He then prayed for us. But I would say it was more like he just talked to each of us. I was so freed that day. I knew I was accepted! I’m a part of God’s kingdom, I, ME, am his little girl twirling in my daddy’s indescribable presence! I ran to my friends the following Sunday and shook them saying- He lives IN us! He already lives inside of us! It is no longer I, but Christ who lives in me! They looked at me like they had no idea what was happening. I acted like I experienced something plainly put- heavenly. And then I saw, they don’t understand… There’s something I was given that day that nearly no one was. An experience of recognizing Christ in bodily form.

And in all this I go to say: that when you meet a real “Christ”ian. You will experience a love, kindness, and joy like never before. A real “Christ”ian will lead you to know your worth, how special you are, and will lead you to see yourself for who you really are. Accepted. Forgiven. Redeemed ever after. The End.

(P.S: So I go to say, if you are not seeing love and everything love includes in the group of Christians you know, RUN. Run for your life, to have a life, and God will re-new yours.)

And all the people say “Amen.”


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