WIAT (What I Ate Thanksgiving)

I guess I like to put a twist on WIAW with doing other What I Ate Days.

First, is the record of the day’s intake. Afterwards, I’ll share how I felt and overall how my Thanksgiving Day went!

Breakfast wasn’t quite the norm, I woke up too early but hungry & didn’t eat after my Granola snack until lunch.. I know, skipping meals isn’t great, but I wanted to come to Thanksgiving lunch with an empty stomach to fill!

4:30 am: Kashi Crunchy Granola & Seed bars (2 in a pack) & a cup of Joe at 9:30am. (1 tsp of sugar & whole milk included).


Thanksgiving lunch 12:00- This plate of food:


I didn’t eat it all at once, so I saved the veggies for later and ate the rest. I DID go back for a second portion of my mom’s great stuffing though! All the while ignoring the amount of sodium it might contain. The thing I have a hard time letting go of sometimes is being overly concerned with sodium content because I fear the water weight that comes with it. In all reality!

2:00pm- Room for dessert: one serving of banana pudding and a slice of homemade pumpkin cream cheese.

Not an appealing photo lol. I only remembered that I need to take a pic after I began eating!

6:00pm-Finished my left over veggies and added a serving more. I felt full but ate two chocolate chip cookies as well.

8:00pm- Snacked on a serving of cashews, 2 tootsie rolls, and unlimited sunflower seeds.


10:00pm- Felt the munchies so had half a serving of stuffing AGAIN & another slice of pumpkin cheesecake!

Sry, for some missing pics!

Overall, the day was great. I felt very included in my family and didn’t feel like I restricted much (besides in the evening a little). The majority of the day I felt really full, probably because I don’t typically eat things like stuffing, turkey, and cheesecake- all within hours of each other. Another factor could be that my anxiety medication has been doubled and I’m still adjusting to it… It’s been 5 years since the last time I actually enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with my family so I’d say there’s progress!!! My therapist tells me not to be too harsh with myself or to judge myself and I’m trying not to beat myself up for still having ED thoughts at times or for occasionally restricting. I was told this journey would be a long one. I doubted it, but almost 5 months have gone by and I’m still journeying. I won’t relent until the end.

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!!

I ate WITH my parents, instead of preparing food only FOR THEM. I ate EXACTLY the same foods as they did. So, you could say it was a WIN.



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