John, Loo, The White Throne

No Photoshop or filters here. Total selfie in front of the family of John, Loo, and The White Throne. IN A CHURCH.

The first time I met a family who openly talked and joked about poop- I was shocked. The parents participated in it and I didn’t know how to act.. so, for the first few months I acted like what they were saying was gross. I couldn’t find the courage to laugh at fart jokes! I was conditioned that all of it was “inappropriate.” In the Russian culture, and even more so with my religious background, people don’t fart or poop. At least they don’t talk about it. So why in the world am I? A 23 year old, rather clever, with decent grammar? Because we ALL do it! We’re human! And we’re happy when we do. And admit it… farts are pretty funny. As long as they’re not directed at you. (I can still hear those awesome parents singing, “Let it go, let it goooo…”) Let it rip. Cut the cheese. Whatever. Not funny yet? What about the white throne we use every day? In all reality some of the most sincere prayers take place on it. We’ve even given the toilet a variety of names like The John, or The Loo.

Yet again, why in the world. Where am I going with this? Let’s cut to the chase. Let’s be honest. Let’s be real. At this point of my life, I seem to be surrounded by women entrapped in what has before enslaved me- a struggle with a basic life component: food. And only two have been genuine with me about their struggles with their eating disorders. They were the only ones to admit that living a life of hunger isn’t what life should be all about. The rest- they pretend it’s not even there. They act like I did before. Although it’s as obvious as day, but maybe just to me- now that I’m on the other side anyway. It’s obvious we all poo, but nope, we don’t talk about THAT. I used to think I could hide my struggles too, until somebody told me, “It’s written all over your body.”

It’s all so religious. We often put on such a show. Let’s be real guys. Men included. It’s not just girls hiding eating issues, it can be anything, like the common porn addiction. Let’s be honest, let’s be cured. Let’s be as transparent as we are in our families. Your family knows you poo, they know your weaknesses, but they are also willing to love you in all your “perfection.” Let’s all be family instead of nosily Facebook stalking each other and making sure that everyone sees that our life is put together perfectly. “Nope, aint there nothing difficult for us, we don’t even poop. We’re perfect.”

Right John.

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