An itchy itch & percentages.

To wave a victory banner.

When you have an itchy itch, you want to reach on over and scratch it! Right then & there! Ah… Instant gratification. What a prime example Anna! How often do you tire of the process you’re in, or of the job you’re doing? You are more than ready for a final end! I have that ailment all too often. As I wash dishes and finish 95% of them, I’m tempted to quit already! As I read through college textbooks- about 2 pages away from the end of the chapter I stop reading and start what? Skimming. Yes, fake reading ladies and gentlemen. Visiting my therapist on Mondays, at this point, has become about 2% of a chore. I want to be done already! I want to be totally, completely, 100% done! Fully recovered from the eating disorder I’ve struggled with for too long.

I am not a victim though. Not a victim of other Folks, nor of my emotions. I CHOOSE, willingly and willfully, to finish. Recovery until the end. Until I’ve stepped over the finish line, not just stepped on top of it. If that means a few more appointments, medications, or overshoot pounds- so be it. I am not a victim. I am choosing to be the kind of peep I want to be. You are free to choose too. You are free to be free and free to be you. 100%.

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