Kudos to the NON-Missionaries

How do you do it huh? How do you keep up? School, work, family, and even friends? How do you stay up-to-date on technology, fixing your car, and still your wardrobe? How on earth do you manage to keep more than one relationship strong? Kudos to you, cheers, and pats on the back. You are not credited enough, nor congratulated. You do not face brave feats some days, you face each day courageously. I’m proud of you! On top of that, you are wonderful mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. I salute. Missionaries are applauded often, but you- you are a light-carrier too! Yet in your case, you carry responsibilities on your tired shoulders and with those weights you still dare to fight. You somehow stay strong. I’m proud of you, truest of believers. Those with part-time jobs, student loans, and business owners. Hats off to you. Those who live the “ordinary” lives, please hear something true: You’re extra-ordinary.

Coming from a 23 year old, just trying to keep up.

Sometimes, I think being a “missionary” (in the sense you know I mean) was easier.

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