Office shenanigans.
Office shenanigans.

I am a receptionist. Not forever, but now. I learned a valuable lesson just a few days ago. I proceed to share:

This past week, I needed to make a medical appointment. It was urgent- very urgent, or so I felt. I called my usual clinic first. The receptionist was quick to let me know that there are no appointments available for at least a month and a half. But I needed my medication changed now! I could not wait that long! I was experiencing horrible side effects! Not only were there no appointments, she spoke harshly to me (I’m rather positive she didn’t even follow “protocol), and after hanging up I felt hopeless. I actually felt despair. So…

I called a different clinic. This receptionist notified me that actually that other clinic did have openings and that the first receptionist responded to my call wrongly. A Hope Cloud started drifting into my sky. Needless to say, I went in for my appointment yesterday at the new location. The staff was very kind.
I tell you this story why? Not only because I learned my job IS in fact important but, I learned that after interactions with each of us, Folks can leave hopeful or hopeless. They can leave with Life or Death. I hope to bring Life. What about you?

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