WIAS (What I Ate Saturday), As Promised!

InstaFolks know that some post WIAW’s (What I Ate Wednesday). I’ve always loved reading their logs. However, I didn’t think I could ever do one since I was so embarrassed about my “recovery.” Well, today I finally decided to.

If you come from the line of Nosy Folks, are attempting recovery, or just wonder what the heck I could be posting ANOTHER blog post about so quickly, read on:

This morning I was brought breakfast in bed at 9:00!  It included: 1.5 pieces of wheat bread, a spoon of raspberry jam, along with a heaping spoon of Cool Whip. I had coffee without a certain measurement of whole milk.

Before lunch I snacked on a serving of trail mix & a whole kiwi.

Lunch at 2:30- Salad included: spinach, broccoli, cheese, a mound of hummus (literally), along with Ranch. In that photo you can see two supplements on the side. At this point, those are my only meds. Vit B Complex due to my B12 deficiency & Melatonin I take before bed to hopefully help restore sleep.

Dinner was at 8:30- (probably should have eaten something after lunch, but felt no hunger whatsoever despite lunch being simply greens). I had 1.5 cups of steamed veg with coconut flour & egg added in. Also, a slice of rye bread with basil pesto and Almond cheese.

Lastly, after finishing this blog I shall snack on a serving of chocolate & unlimited sunflower seeds!

Majority of time spent in the day? 3 hours of studying, 2 hours shopping, 2 hours cleaning/baking.


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