Phase 2

Thus, I'm telling you.
Thus, I’m telling you.

I passed Phase 1. Flying colors, A or C? Not sure, but onto Phase 2! The first trial was filled with tears, night sweats, digestive joys, mental “rules” challenged, pounds were gained, mirrors and scales given away, Tom arrived, and much else. It’s been hard, but not harder than missing out on the greater picture of life. And now- Here’s to Phase 2! (Cheers! Or, at times outrage…) To those of you who are generous with thine comments, who feel compelled to address my fried hair, new food choices, or anything else that has changed with me lately: If you choose to use words that harm, don’t be surprised if you face a wall. I call it a healthy boundary. When one of you Generous Folks say something that’s hard for me to hear- but out of good intentions, I let it slide. Yet, if you attempt to tear me down, I’ll be gone before you see a fall. I’m out of unhealthy relationships, building strong boundaries, wholeheartedly trusting those who choose love. Overall, I’m learning to stand. Cuz God cares about me too, I suppose, that’s why. There’s something about me He really fancies 🙂

To those who hang onto your own versions of ED- I won’t accept your comments. I won’t join in on the behaviors you do. I will not validate your choices. When you tell me that it’s ok to miss my periods or try to convince me to hurt myself the way you hurt yourself and deprive yourself of life’s luxuries- I choose to say no. No thank you ma’am. I will not join them ranks. Even if it costs me discomfort and I have to face the fear of what people say/think, I am seeing this thing through until the end. There IS freedom. And Daddy God wants you to simply believe that.

Following is someone else’s article on Life After an ED. If you have a spare min, you could get some insight on the struggle..


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