An Abnormal Jesus.

That’s the only one I follow. He who chose to put mud onto a blind man’s eyes. “Come on, He could have used some clean medical ointment, couldn’t he? Jesus was so rude,” they muttered. Jesus chilled with folks who financially ripped off others, he wasn’t ashamed of the prostitutes, and he even drank wine with the alcohol partakers. “Well now, they’ll rub off on you Jesus! Wouldn’t you rather be seen with us?” the hypocrites asked.

My Jesus spent time in a desert, perhaps by a poky cactus. He went MIA when a bunch of sick folks needed him! He took time for himself. Result? He came out EMPOWERED. Yet again, the chorus chants, “Well wasn’t that selfish of him to take more than a month to be by Himself.. What, does he think he’s better than us to be able to skip our tabernacle services?” 

As you can tell, I’m quite worked up as I write. God does not see as people do. Jesus didn’t spend his life being “normal” whatever that looked like in His day. Ah, but if we just once glance at the world through His beautiful eyes, perhaps then we’ll understand. We will know that children are for us to learn from, not only are they to be taught. We’ll know that we weren’t created to be like one another, but to stand out. We are meant to look like Him, completely abnormal. Maybe then we’ll finally believe that it’s important to receive, to listen, and to look for HIM in EVERY Christian/non Christian thing. (You mean He can be found in the secular??) Um, yes. Yes, yes, and yes.

My Jesus is good. He has been called weird, crazy, and most definitely not normal. But everything He did and does is only to benefit us, not even Him. He gets nothing out of the deal with us. He just lives and He loves and He is kind and He is sensitive. He doesn’t fit the norm. And neither do I. I used to. I used to conform. I thought the Crazies were wrong. Hypocrite I was, and the Crazies were right. And as I close let me say in those most abnormal words: He who has ears, let him hear.

Big Mile Markers this past little bit: 1) No more body mirror’s in my room. 2) Ate my first bites of pizza yesterday. 3) Got my period. Bam.

Mm-hm. Jesus lives. Following are some of my moments of abnormalities:

Sometimes I sit in a grocery cart as I am bought groceries outside my comfort zone.
Sometimes I sit in a grocery cart as I am bought groceries outside my comfort zone.
Calories upon calories- bananas with pumpkin PB. Let's run at the giant with a stone, knowing that Daddy God is by our side.
Calories upon calories- bananas with pumpkin PB. Running AT the giant with a stone.
And even of the devil- we AREN'T afraid.
And even of the devil- we AREN’T afraid.

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