Boobs or Bones.

Before ED. Healthy.
Before ED. Healthy.

gasp.. is she using “boobs” in this title for reals? What, no.. Now, that’s rather inappropriate..

It’s appropriate. The body has many parts and all have unique functions. Those boobs? One day they can serve as a nutritious life source for infants. Gross? I think not. Perhaps that last thought comes from the fact that I work full time at a life-affirming organization though…

Either way, society pressures us girls to look like boards. Fashion models are anything BUT voluptuous. The standard set by the fashion industry encourages pre-puberty looking bods. Bones encouraged, boobs discouraged. A standard set not just by the runway, but sometimes family, friends, or even a church (ouch). Idk about you, but I listened to those voices. Five years ago, I began thinking that protruding bones (especially them collar ones) were pretty. From my environment I picked up a silly notion- guys only want to marry skinny girls. Needless to say, I wanted my boobs and bottom to disappear.

My mind is being transformed, still. I’m being renewed, redeemed. Ah, that glorious Redeemer! I’m brought back to who I’ve been created to be, not what other voices have shouted I need be. Again, I come to the truth that a women’s bod was created to radiate with womanly features. Being “ripped,” not carrying a bit of insulation (which actually is required for fertility, and a period), and thinking that bones are the ultimate source of beauty are skewed standards for the female bod.

Nothing against the Skinny Folk who naturally are thin, if anything you guys are totally blessed. Today, I speak for the majority of girls, women, and to the benefit of men (who I’m learning actually really like them womanly features)- I say, Let us be. Let us be how God has designed us to be.

Yep, you could say I’m learning to hug my changing bod once more.

And just to the girls (or curious guys, I suppose): That skinny girl you wonder if you should look like? She just might have a problem. A shameful, mean, deceiving problem. Your extra, maybe few, stubborn pounds that you literally cringe about? They don’t make you the least bit imperfect. Yes, health is wonderful and all of you know I LOVE nutrition but more so, I want to love a healthy mind and joy and freedom. For you, and for me, healthy is not a number nor a size nor shape. Healthy is balanced, adequate nourishment for your personal body type.

The next chapter of this story? Acceptance. Acceptance of thine self. As Shakespeare once wrote, “To Thine Own Self be True.”


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