Stopped vacuuming & began to jot.

There are specific times in life when everything, a bag of crisps, everyone, and their dog try speaking something into our lives. Perhaps it’s a phrase, Bible verse, cliché or one simple word. We don’t really get why, but a time later, Holy Spirit starts to explain His incredible self. “Defining the Relationship”- the term a select number of incredible peeps spoke about over and over to me during my last stay in Africa. I didn’t think it mattered all that much- if anything, I thought it just applied to guy/girl relationships. Now, I’m onto something different with all that jazz though…

What does it mean to define a relationship?

I’d say it’s to draw boundaries on how much power a voice (any voice) has over the voice inside of us- the Spirit’s voice. Each relationship needs “defining.” Who will have the loudest voice in my life? My fun friends, my very involved mother, my closest sister, or my future husband? I don’t want it to be any of them. As soon as I sense a burden on my heart that I’ve picked up somewhere mid-week, I realize God is pointing to a pattern for me to recognize. I become burdened when the voice of another (typically someone I adore) has become louder in my mind than His. I find myself oddly clingy, insecure, depressed, and looking for approval outside of myself. But… The Kingdom of God is within and we’ve already been approved! What! We have relationships with jewel people who by love and care faithfully share their thoughts and concerns, especially during moments of our vulnerability. Their intentions are dusted with gold, however they don’t always lead us into our true identities… We are the free. The free. The free. That’s who we truly are. And that, my friends, is the whole truth. And nothing but the truth.


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