The American update.

It’s been nearly three months since I’ve returned to the U.S. Of A. The U.S of awesome, blessed, and beautiful, America. By now I’ve been gifted with a job that glorifies Jesus, loving acceptance and support of family and friends, and a new church home- The Rock in downtown Salt Lake City. I’m in a transition still- not just from missions life, but a transition from old to young, from past to new, and from the human mind to the mind of Christ. I’m no different from you. We all face challenges. We’re confronted with ourselves and that’s when we find we’re so broken. But God says- isn’t that where I found you? I found you in your brokenness. So here I am Lord, all sorts of a mess yet again and you say you want to use me? Mm-hm. He wants to use us friends. The little people with ups and downs, the sick, the hurting, the ones in need. In need of a Savior- in need of Him. If a leper is cleansed of his spots by a single word well then- hallelujah! Ain’t nothing in us, or around us, that Jesus can’t restore. He is our God, Jehovah Rapha- the Lord who heals.

Upon Arrival.


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