febs. ☀️

My heart still beats, with each breath I praise my Father. That God, I’m tellin’ ya- He’s full of surprises! There are days it seems to be an impossible task to simply utter the words, but there are days when everything gets brighter. Curtains are pulled back, Holy Spirit enlightens us, and we feel a breath of new life come in. Like a real big breath of fresh air. I was talking to Hannah the other day- telling her of a “mtn-top” experience that I had with Jesus. She shared her insight on some things:
1. The “valleys” we go through- can be beautiful, flowery places. Not just dry, dead deserts. It’s our perspective that makes all the difference.
2. In our “mtn-top” experiences, we’re able to get a new perspective on the valley that lies ahead of us.
3. God is unlimited, multi-multi-multidimensional! If we only hold to past “mtn-top” experiences, we’re not giving room for newer encounters…
Thoughts which are worth more than pennies, yeah? When we lean in to hear God, He definitely speaks.

Life here has had it’s ups and downs, as life anywhere. Sometimes when all feels like it’s closing in- God’s closing what needs to be closed and is opening something new for you. That’s what He does best- take radical care of us! Be encouraged! Whether you’re working a 9-5 job in a developed country, or you’re walking an hour up a dusty African street- our Dad is faithful. In the past, in your present, and in the future. Let’s continue taking notes of His daily work in our lives and learn to trust Him who is at work in us. The perfect plan for your life- He’s already, now, seeing it through. Hey, thanks Dad!

Philippians 1:6- “he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus…”



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