2015 <3

Somewhere along the letters I’ve typed on this page, I’ve realized that this is pretty much a place to post my “journal” entries of sorts. In 2015, I resolve to share the melody of words that flow through my heart, just as they play. In their purest form. Be warned: at times what you read will be poetic, informative, multi-dimensional, imparting, or at times will just be followed by chunks of cheese.

Christmas and New Years were so much fun here. Thanks to you all for helping make things happen here for the holidays!

— Jan is off to a mellow start. Daily I remind myself that my most important job is to show the love of my best friend, Jesus, to others. He brings me back to the “Love” word continuously. Access to the unlimited is through this 4-letter word. God IS love. Let’s ❤ ourselves and others through each day of this year. Ain’t a preach better than that. If we <3, in action, this world will encounter God in the most compelling of ways. Let’s ❤ our brothers & sisters, mothers & fathers. Let’s ❤ those who gossip against us, accuse us, or treat us coldly from their own insecurities. Let’s ❤ those who annoy us and who hold standards that differ to our own. Let’s ❤ the outcasts of society. Let’s ❤ the dirty, the broken, beggars, blind, crippled, mute, orphaned, widowed, loners, uneducated, uncool. Let’s allow the truth of who our God is, love, flow through us for all to see Jesus. 1-Peter 4:11 says: “If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ.” So just bless as you know how. There is no formula. Have encouraging words? Share them. You can bake a chocolate muffin for somebody? Go for it. You can do anything to lift up someone near you. Christ counts it all. The point system for good deeds is the same man. God gives different strengths to all and you have your own way of being a blessing and of letting love lead the way.

Christmas games  My portrait Jass won our game New Years photo booth Burying our time capsule Visiting Cesar, finding ways to bless his family Saturday girl time Face painting


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