Frolicking flames of fire

Fire burns. It hurts. It can seem to be an illusion until you’re up close. In the inside reality is seen and felt. Quite often, we are unaware of the fire we’re in until we find ourselves smack dab inside the dissecting and curling flames. Life is hard at times. God’s grace is sufficient for each day, no doubt. Realistically though, sometimes it rains while we’re on this earth, and when it rains it pours. In the downpour, an arm reaches up, fingers release a knob, and a body is kept dry under a sheltering umbrella. We, the body of Christ, through the wettest of times are held together, through whatever weather. We need each other. I thank Jesus for my friends, family, for you dear readers. Let’s continue jumping over puddles in unity! Daniel’s 3 friends walked into a burning furnace, together standing for what’s right and an angel stood by the amigos’ side! Today, a sister and I prayed for a begging lady on the street, not only for healing but also for her hope “esperança” to be restored. Like many, she used to be a believer, but the cripplings of life beat her down to sit on a dirty street. Life is truly hard sometimes, it burns. Yet, diamonds don’t lose their value if even briefly caught in the frolicking flames, they can glow brighter than before. Let’s allow Holy Spirit to flow in and through us for all the world to see that greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Happy shining friends!

And diamonds like this keep me shining :)Making "olivye" with the girlsSunday fun!Sunday fun!


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