thanks Lord.

Serious dance!Worship time!Worship session!

Despite letting go of a college scholarship, life of maximum comfort, and success (at least by this globe’s standards), I find that I’ll still always have more than many others in this world. I ask God- Dear Lord, I feel like I have so much, what am I to do? I feel as if it’s never enough! Daddy responds simply- say thank you. So, I begin thanking Him for my fruits & veggies and occasional coke’s, for having H2o in the house, electricity, now wi-fi, electronics, clothes, my passport, and for being a citizen of a blessed country. I thank Daddy for my best friends and for a loving, 100% supportive, family. I really thank Him for each revelation that has led me into more up-lifting freedom. I thank Jesus for saving me from a life of drugs, alcohol, and wrong attention from wrong boys. I thank God for calling me here today, into the heart of Africa. As well as for teaching me to be more childlike with each day, for bringing laughter back into my life, and for plastering a huge smile on my usually joyous face 😄 Well, to be quite frank, I didn’t think this would be a “Thanksgiving” list, but perhaps I had to express such things somewhere.. Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated here, but shoot, we Jesus-lovers be constantly partying Thanksgiving up in our hearts!! Briefs: I’m feeling healthy and strong again, eating up my nutrients 🙂 I will come back to America with a head full of redeemed hair! (Lost after a quinine treatment earlier this year.) Today we have received permission to hold a Christmas service at a women’s prison and have purchased tools for building the veggie garden fence! We are also making a dent in Christmas shopping for our children. A prayer need: that I really grasp this Portuguese lingo, please! I’ll attach a new song God gave me and here’s a link to a video worth watching called “The art of stillness.”


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