malarial moments.

There's always a reason to smile. Finally! The first time this baby wasn't scared of me :) Had a Saturday teaching the girls to bake chocolate cake. This is my friends photo of them licking the bowl clean!

Man oh man, this month has been rather different. Changes took place, malaria has repaid me a visit, and I’ve asked God plenty of questions- not doubts, but questions which will lead me into further understanding of our Papa. I must admit, my hand quickly tires as I write, but I like to keep posted those who care 😉 The last two weeks I’ve been down with “the worst type of malaria” good old mosquitoes did it again! My first treatment failed, so this past week I had injections every day, along with antibiotics. However, today was the seventh day and the needle is finally gone from my arm! Hallelujah! Tomorrow I return for a control test. Yesterday, I parted with the loving family I’ve been staying with as they take some time off. Our house is much quieter and now I have my very own room, a sanctuary to spend moments with my sweet Jesus 🙂 What a privilege. It feels different without them, a season for everything I suppose.. You know, I love the heart of our Dad. When circumstances change and my loved ones are facing whirlwinds, through it all- my only desire is to be one with the Father in response to everything. His character is enough. He answers my questions, saying- trust Me, love them ALL (it is possible, through Him ALL is possible), expose the fears and lies of the enemy, wait on Me, through it all: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! And I love you, dear reader, thank you for reading this! It’s wonderful to feel free enough to speak about my Dad as I truly know Him. He’s cool, so cool, has humor, and is defined by love. And I choose to live for Him. Through it ALL. Man, isn’t life fun with Him?


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