Sunday school Aninha, my helper :)Worship with the children

-Update on this Mozambican life: More kids are showing up for Sunday School, neighboring kids run to our children’s center to join the after school programs we have, and the Holy Spirit is leading the women’s Bible studies. Christmas is coming up & praise God, some of you have already sponsored gifts for the kids. We’re praying to hold a service at a nearby women’s prison next month, please join us in prayer that God opens the door for us. — A “More Excellent Way” type of story: Yesterday, I saw a beggar without legs, his name is Caesar. I’ve given him food before, in Jesus name, but this time God had me stop to ask Him why He is moving me with this compassion and how I am to deliver that which He wants me to. I needed to ask The Lord for the “more excellent way” to help. If I don’t ask Him, and just help however I know or am used to doing, I won’t see the day someone grows a new pair of legs. My sister and I prayed for Him. Today, God graciously put a chance before us to minister to someone else. As we walked through the outskirts of town, not knowing exactly what our walk had in store for us on these unfamiliar streets, after being laughed at, called “mazungu,” being hit on and stared at, we passed by a limping, adolescent girl. I knew there was something Jesus wanted to share with her. We passed a few steps past her, but came back to her. I quickly tried to remember how to properly ask in Portuguese if it’s her foot hurting. Right at that moment, the Holy Spirit told me it’s her knee that needs to be prayed for. “It’s my knee that hurts,” she said. We prayed together. As we parted my spirit rejoiced because I witnessed a fraction of the more excellent way in which Jesus can minister through us. He’s our Healer. Jehovah Raphe is His name, “The Lord who heals.” Thank you, Jesus.


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