golden dust.

New creation in Christ

I’ll share these Golden Sparkles: John 17:15 says, “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.” Jesus is praying on our behalf, when we’re awake and when we’re asleep. We’re protected everywhere we go. We win. The enemy has lost. Bullets are fired at those who run. We’re made of more than tungsten. Instead of running from your fears (those demons), face them. They flee from Jesus. You are more precious than gold to Daddy God. Please stop reading here & jump into Job 22:21-30. No, we don’t have to hide the evils of this world from kids, we don’t have to cover their eyes on the scary parts. There is noting to be afraid of. Rather, the next generation can be discipled to truly be “more than conquerors.” Why did I ever think that techno music or rave memories were too much to deal with? In Jesus name I can go into those places and pray, pray, pray. Oh, how the atmosphere can be shaken. Those who belong to Him, just might find themselves leaving the dark places, never having opened themselves to demonic oppression, to violation by charming faces, or to any alterations of the mind. The first step is to know who God is, the second- to know who you are in Him. I’m a free young girl, spinning in a wildflower-covered field in the presence of my Father and this world, is Ours. Please read Psalm 23, even if you already have it memorized and let the Holy Spirit speak to you. In the presence of obstacles and evil, we have a table prepared before us. It’s a wedding feast. We don’t have to stop at being a slave to holy god, a servant to a righteous god, a co-laborer to a god who is always up to something; we can be swept off our feet into a romance with love’s Initiator. Can you dance with Him? “The heart is deceitful, why should you trust it, or the deeply rooted desires in it?” Asks satan. Yes, it is deceitful- when we are separated from the romance with Jesus. I find that the more I trust Him leading my heart, the more I fall in love with Him and I twirl in His presence. – “…busyness substitutes for meaning, efficiency substitutes for creativity, and functional relationships substitute for love… Communion with God is replaced by activity for God… (Satan) replaces the love affair with a religious system of do’s and dont’s that parch our hearts and replaces our worship and communion services with entertainment…”(great read: The Sacred Romance)


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