the worshipping stick.

For Mashipu an incredible lady Love creating abstract Friend chain :)Simply an orange brought some joyMy face little stick, all of creation worships!

Days fly by. Ups and downs, hot weather, cool weather, presidential elections in Mozambique, Sunday school lessons, weekday time with children, our first Women’s Bible Study, continuing of Portuguese lessons, along with mundane type of thingeys. Ah, but let me share a bit more. Neighboring kids arrive to our children’s home whenever we come to spend time there, more and more each day. Two weeks ago, God began stirring my heart for us to hold an evening each week with the children to freely worship. This way, the kids can practice listening to God through visions, dreams, words, art, or any other means. About 30 kids showed up and we began worshipping, whoever wants to, however they want. The presence of the Holy Spirit was unmistakable as we prayed together. Before leaving they drew pictures of angels and other “pictures” that God had shown them. Fifteen yr-olds with three yr-olds, captivated together in time, by sweet Jesus. We’ll continue having such time each week, to learn of free, fulfilling, beautiful, and pleasing worship. Two women came to our Bible Study, but dear Jesus knows we’re not after numbers, no way, we’re after his heart for the people.We will gather each week, if not to read- then to just take time to cry our for all the women of Africa. I had time to think about some things, to count my blessings. To thank God for my birth country- blessed America, and for shifting me to Africa despite occasional challenges or missings of my loved ones. Christmas will be here soon and the kids have all made a little list of their needs & desires, if you’d like to sponsor Christmas gifts for any of them you’re more than welcome to, just contact me. The family I live with will be leaving for at least a year so this is a period of transition for everyone, please keep us in prayer. Thank you for taking the time to read this and participate in bits of my life, I am truly grateful. May the peace and bubbling joy of Jesus be all over you. From my reads: (Charismatic Christianity) “Those who desired the freedom and spontaneity of the Spirit felt squelched by the growing ritual and formality. On the other hand, church leaders, who by now might occupy the office without the spiritual gift, felt uncomfortable with the charismatics’ claim of direct communion with God.”


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