Face painting day! Let's race!Was requested to bake wedding cakes! Women's prisonWomen from prison

A soul wakens in a moment of co-laboring with Holy Spirit, no doubt. Sunday School went wonderfully, our verse was from John 17:17: “…a tua palavra e a verdade.” Throughout the week we’ve been inviting more kids to pop in next Sunday. I realized I have the same joy which I experienced when teaching kids in India, at 18. I wouldn’t trade the Lord’s call on my life for any other, despite any sacrifices. Tuesdays I organize some activities with our center kids. On Monday, I asked God what He wants to teach them. Within one minute, I was led through a visual of what our time together needs to be all about. My friends and I disguised ourselves as different disciples and acted out their personalities. Then we shared about ourselves and held a two-legged race. The point? God created us all so different, like the disciples, but we work together and run toward a common goal. Only God could put together a multi-faceted life lesson! I also had time this week to press in and listen to what God speaks. He’s taken away a fear I didn’t know I had and led me to forgive myself for ever trading in His voice for the voices of other people. When I was 16, I fell in utter love with God. I left Him for a bit, then repented, but for the last 4 years never felt like I could reach that same level of love again. I searched for the answer why. This week I realized that my first-love feeling for Him has been completely renewed within me. Why? Perhaps, because I’ve stopped trying to earn it through my works for Him. Perhaps, because I’ve stopped all my religious nonsense to just enjoy who He is and who He has created me to be. Yesterday was incredible too, I had a chance to join a service at a women’s prison! Lately, I’ve been reading Dreaming With God by Bill Johnson: Here are two awesome bits- “-When we live with genuine passion for God, it creates passion for other things. While it is possible to value other things above God, it is not possible to value God without valuing other things.” And: “Martha was making sandwiches that Jesus never ordered. Doing more for God is the method servants use to increase in favor. A friend has a different focus entirely. They enjoy the favor they have and use it to spend time with their friend. Mary wasn’t a non-worker; she just learned to serve from His presence, only making the sandwiches that Jesus ordered.” It’s worth resting your spirit in the presence of God. Whether it be during a walk, playing with kids, painting, or any other activity you enjoy. He doesn’t just speak in a sit-down Bible reading session, it’s a matter of stilling our soul and listening to the voice which breathes new life into us.


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