the resting place.

First baby dedication at church! Had time to paint!

I’m in a season of rest and I keep fighting it, I discovered a truth about myself which actually applies to probably even you: Busyness brings a sense of self-worth, even if it’s works “for God.” Then, when God brings a time to just rest in Him- a time for prayer, reading the Word, and having free time, we easily freak out and feel “useless.” And somewhere inside of me, I hear a voice telling me that any sense of my worth needs to come from the truth of being enough, simply because I am a daughter of the King and that His plans for my life are unlike any other. Not every day of this “missionary” life is action packed, in fact there are days like today, when I just pray for God to open the doors He wants to open because I still see a lot of time in my schedule that is free. Yet again, I know God wants it this way for now. A season for everything. Praise Him, I returned safely from Zimbabwe and have acquired my first residency Visa for Mozambique. This Sunday will be the first day for Sunday School in our church and I’m thrilled to teach it. God brought another missionary here who can build the chicken fence some of you know about, I’m continuing to pray for those finances. I’m praying about the future work with women and the blind. Please join me in lifting these requests up to Jesus!


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