the Zim.

Encouraging lyrics someone gave me :) Church!

If you come to Zimbabwe, visit Highlands Presbyterian Church, where you will witness God’s love. Lol, this isn’t an advertisement, nor an attempt to convert you to another religion. However, last Sunday I attended one of their services and truly saw Christ in those faces. He’s unmistakable. Christ is. So is love. After all, God is love and how could you mistake that? I noticed the Pastor walking around before the service, greeting people with a warm handshake and a big genuine smile. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, the presence of God- tangible. My former judgmental mind would’ve fought this, thinking: in a “Presbyterian” church? Thank you, Father, for the truth that whoever serves you with a clean heart dwells in “Your sacred tent” (Psalm 15). Thank you, that you don’t look at social status, reputation, the attendance of a specific church, our accomplishments, looks, failures, mistakes, and so forth. You look at the intentions of the heart. Always have, always will. Lately, God has been bringing me to the story of David wanting to build a temple for Him (2 Samuel Ch 7 – worth reading). God looked at his intentions which led to a massive blessing upon David. Yet, he never built a temple for God, his son did. – Let’s not get discouraged when something we want to do for our Daddy seems impossible. A: That heart within us is really what God wants, above any of our works. B: Through Christ ALL things are possible! Love you friends!


2 thoughts on “the Zim.

  1. Anna God bless you. God is good, blessed be the name of the lord. Finally accepted your challenge I have read through almost all your blog in 25 min. I have to admit god is doing a mighty work in your life, I give him praise for that. As it is written he shall send labourours unto his harvest. Missing you a lot and keep serving him! Love you stay strong


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