You are free to be you. Risk, take on adventure, achieve your dreams. Why not? You are a child of God and He created a GOOD heart within you. He gave you unique, specific, desires in your childhood days. God is not a formula. He doesn’t only speak through His Word. It is our foundation, no doubt, but what do you like? Quiet evenings outside, hiking, reading, painting, fishing, boating, camping? Go! Hear God speak to you in the most personal of ways, the way He did when you were just a tiny boy or girl. In the Old Testament He spoke in unique situations! Just go read where and how. John Eldridge writes: ” God is a Person, not a doctrine. He operates not like a system- not like even a theological system- but with all the originality of a truly free and alive person.” You don’t have to be like everyone else, break out and be free to be who Christ has called you to be. Especially in your faith. Heavenly Daddy will never be disappointed that you took a risk in faith for what you wholeheartedly believed you needed to. He will be happy that you took a risk at all in an attempt to show Him you believe in Him at all. My favorite quote of all time? “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”- Helen Keller.


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