Things took a turn for the worse, and then for the MUCH better!! I witnessed God’s faithfulness again! It is so worth trusting Him when He tells us to a risk for something more. So, I totally had several great days with those Zimbabwean women, but on Wednesday things changed. I attended a women’s prayer at which the women were praying for their wallets, pretended to walk in heels, and fell “from the power of the Spirit.” I questioned a few things and afterwards, one of those women decided to push my limits in what they thought was funny. After eating PB sandwiches with me the previous days, questioning me on what I don’t like eating, a woman served me food that I had difficulty getting down. The ladies were watching me and made fun of how much I was able to eat. I laughed it off, but prayed that night that God would figure out what’s happening. The next morning, He made it clear to me that it’s time to leave this city for the next. I discovered, unfortunately, missing money and felt no peace in continuing my stay there. I asked God to figure out a place I could stay within an hour in the next city if it is really Him that is hurrying me away from these people. He did! The next morning I got on a bus and four hours later on a public van. I arrived in a rather dangerous city, but God protected me. One lady said- “I don’t usually go the route you need to go on, but I have to go for your sake.” I safely arrived to my destination. I had asked God that the home of the people I’m about to meet will be a place of rest for me, to not even worry about anything being stolen. The sweetest lady picked me up. I was brought to the most beautiful home I’ve seen in Africa and have felt so welcome. I’ve got a new “Nana” who bought me the prettiest nail polish, PB sandwiches with coffee, wi-fi, and a family around me that radiates love. I have such peace. – It was so worth trusting the feeling you gave me to leave that first city, thank You Father. – God lets us experience extreme situations to learn to extremely trust only Him!


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