but, honestly..

The least of these..

I have to write about my Monday. The first couple days in Zimbabwe I didn’t understand why God wanted me to stay here for longer than a few days and the treatment from people towards me didn’t make sense. I didn’t have peace. On Monday I understood why. As I spent hours with a few Zimbabwean women I got to hear a bit about the insides of their lives. I first testified to them about my life and told them of my desire to work with women. “My husband beats me,” was what I heard next. I was surprised. These women are married to “Christian” men, who treated me with utmost respect. These women told me of their culture. Many things are a show. What I saw days previously was part of that show. Putting on a show for others makes God sick. I know, God doesn’t get literally sick, but you get it. Oh how thankful I am to God He has given me these days. I was told of their husbands verbally and physically abuse them and it’s the norm for Africans. The troubling thing is if you choose not to marry, people will say you have a generational curse or a spirit in you that pushes men away, you will be an outcast in society. Before I ever came to Africa I felt the pain God feels for these women. They need to know who they are in Christ, Princesses! They need to know the love of our Papa! Later, they took me to visit a children’s home 5-min away. What a blessing. Blessed day. Worth more than I could ever know. Friends, we are so blessed, sometimes we don’t even realize it. Let’s thank our Dad for it all!


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