They carry in the future bridegroom image The $ giving ritual

First 6-hr church service of my life, and no doubt the loudest. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit a Pentecostal church in Zimbabwe. The first hour was an incredible time of worship. The people were praising God with huge energy, overwhelming joy, and awesome dances. The joy of The Lord is our strength, I witnessed it truly being their strength. The next five hours consisted of a giving custom for a pastor that is leaving. I saw $ waved everywhere, like a game. I heard “dollars” continuously. There were loud shouts, dances, and songs. My five senses felt like they would blow. Especially, my hearing. Yet, the Holy Spirit was teaching me not to be quick to judge the things I don’t understand. I was the one who asked God to take me on a journey that would break down all barriers in my mind anyway. Later, I had others describe to me what went on. Afterwards, I was invited to the home of a young family. Before I said anything to anyone, they stopped at the store and bought PB & bread. They all ate PB sandwiches with me and drank coffee. I was blown away! I felt that they are greater missionaries than I, adjusting themselves to what I like! It was truly humbling, because for Africans that’s not considered food at all! My last stop on Sunday was at another home where earlier that day, an after-wedding ritual took place. Before I arrived, a woman who got married the day before, had to crawl into her in-laws house with her face covered and everyone had to pay her to see her face. Afterwards, she and her family had to cook outside for all the in-laws and serve them food and bathe them the rest of the day. So when I arrived there, the family was being served. They told me of the different Zimbabwean traditions and I talked a bit about how things are done in America. I’m in a place with new people all around me, I’m in new places, learning new things. God is the one I rely on. I depend on Him. I trust in Him and am letting Him lead me as He wants. But, man is He blowing my mind away! Here’s a quote for the day: “The more you and I become empowered and directed by the Spirit of God, the more our lives should defy the natural principles that release spiritual realities.” -Bill Johnson


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