my goodness.

Rejoice in heaven Mama Tembo The chop of the hair I have left.. They bring me joy!  My first cricket game!

Goodness leads to change. I desire to change when I hear love speaking. Romans 2:4 says, “God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance.” Not fear, intimidation, or control is powerful enough for us to be transformed to a partnership with our Jesus. I heard an awesome quote this week, “Do everything on purpose.” This week I claimed 100,000 kids who are tormented on the streets for the Kingdom with purpose! Large? Ah, but there are so many more than that. I want to live large anyway. Crazy? I love being nuts for Jesus. Shoot, if this life is for Him then I’m going ALL the way. Got a hair chop at 1 am two days ago. Here’s something else for you: Luke 10:27 & even Leviticus 19:18 say to, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” AS YOURSELF. Love yourself, no it’s not selfish. Take a day off and just be in the joy of God. Enjoy the things God has created your heart to enjoy and don’t feel guilty! I always did. We are saved by grace, because of love. We have a love relationship with our Father, not a punishment or fear relationship. Pray on this one. This week I got to witness my Heavenly Dad heal a headache instantly and a boy’s stomach pain disappear. God is just now opening my eyes to what Jesus literally commanded us to do: heal the sick! He so does it! Today! Hallelujah, thank you Jesus. This morning, my friend in Tete, Francisca Tembo passed away. Let’s pray for all who knew her to be comforted. Today this dawned on me: I believe in the dead coming back to life. One day I will be a witness of resurrection, Jesus said to raise the dead! We’ve got to be ready to believe God can do this! If He’s ever provided anything for us or answered prayers, there is nothing He cannot do!


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