little heart of Mozambique.

Tete friends.Hopscotch! Playing with the children! The day I moved. Esperanza, one of my best friends in a Tete. Coloring!

The city of Chimoio has been my new home since I moved here five days ago. When I first left to get my bags from the other base I felt as if I were leaving my family. I was just gone for one day, but it felt like forever. These days have been spent rather calmly at home, seeing more of the city, and spending time playing with the kids at our children’s center. God showed me how many sweet individuals sit on the streets begging, they will be my new friends. Last time I visited the city of Tete, I had dirty street children and the blind running up to me, they remembered my name, and were blessing me in God’s name. I was so surprised by them remembering me and more so by the amount of love I felt for them, the love of Christ. I squished and hugged on the dirty kids, handed out apples in Jesus name, and bought some food for a mother and daughter. It’s these moments that excite my heart. -See, the big things in life are made up of the little things we do and nothing goes unnoticed before God. As I made friends with the unwanted in Tete, I want to befriend those on the streets of Chimoio. I’ve also got a new project on my hands, to build fences around the children’s gardens at the children’s home. God had such a serious sense of humor, always expanding our horizons and teaching us new skills! I’m currently praying for God to lead me into starting up Sunday School and Women’s Bible Studies. Lots to do, but I want to rest in God and to keep an intimate relationship with Him above all else! -He is concerned with our hearts, not our works. My goodness though, if our hearts are in love with Him, our works will speak of that anyway! Be blessed my friends!


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