Jesus & I.

I wait on a bus. It’s six in the morning and the sky is lighting up. I hear Portuguese all around, smell all sorts of odd smells, and see passengers waiting to board. Today’s a big day for me. I’m traveling to the city of Tete and from there back to the base where God originally brought me to serve in Africa. I’ll be packing my bags there. My previous two trips to Mozambique were with God Will Provide International Mission. However, last time I was visiting family God called me to a different path. He wants to lead me independently. Jesus &  I! GWP was all I’ve known for the last four years since He saved me, but now He has led me to other laborers in the Mozambican vineyard. It’s been a complete walk of faith, but God has opened all the perfect doors and has blessed me from all sides. For the next 10 months I’ll be living with a simple, loving family, having Portuguese tutoring, the opportunity to teach Sunday school, and a chance to spend days at Iris Ministries orphanage. I experience such peace in my heart and joy. The Holy Spirit is taking me on a journey to discover the freedom we have in Him. I don’t want religion, I want Jesus. I don’t want condemnation, I have love. I don’t wish a life to myself, my wish is the death of myself and the life of Jesus Christ fully resurrected in me!


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