new Roads.

With beautiful orphans Traveling in semi, notice the guy hiding when we pass police, ah Mozambicans!

Traveled to Chimoio, Mozambique in a semi-truck with another missionary on Friday. Arrived, grabbed a bite, and a bit later were picked up by a missionary who is working on opening a clinic. It’s wonderful to meet others who have been called by God to do His work, especially who passionately love Jesus. Two days ago, we had a chance to see Maforga Mission. The work here is incredible, many different ministries and out reaches. I held back tears as little orphan hands reached out to us, total strangers, just wanting some love by being held. Throughout the day we were led through different projects at the base and met new faces. I really found it inspiring to hear the different stories from other missionaries. Everything led me to ask, “Father, you told me to go and I went. What are the next steps you have for me to take, which doors will you open?” I fell asleep exhausted after the day with questions running through my mind. Yesterday morning I had a chance to chat with the inspiring leaders of Maforga. I shared my story and desires with them. At the same moment they thought of another Mozambican missionary that perhaps I would be interested to meet. In a week they are planning to visit her and invited me along! “Hallelujah Jesus, another open door :)” Later that day I was being driven to another Mission when we stopped on the road, a crowd do people were in our way. A motorcycle had hit a bicyclist and the moment they were pulling the bleeding man to the side of the road was when we stopped. My driver had medical experience and was quick to get the injured man into our car and we drove him to the hospital. It was an unexpected event, but showed something: -God has every event in our lives perfectly timed, calculated down to each minute! He has all things arranged in a way where His name is glorified in our lives. I reached my next destination now, a new home!


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