Africa Round 2

Turbulence bumps the plane, three more hours until I set foot on African soil again. What does this trip have in store for me? It’s hard to imagine. Last time I went to Mozambique, I lived through experiences I wouldn’t have been able to picture before, which included adventurous trips to Malawi and Zimbabwe. On one of those I remember a malaria attack that had my body seizing, fevers up to 105, then having to travel back to Mozambique in such a state. In those moments we so needed the help of our God, I remember hearing the other missionaries praying for four hours after they tried talking to me and I was unresponsive. I didn’t feel time during those hours and felt as if I were in fellowship of a sort with God while sickness was raging against me and another sister. Needless to say, we survived of course. Yet, had to endure malaria a few more times within that six-month time span. Yes, there were times of evangelizing, meeting wonderful people and missionaries, testifying, singing, praying, fasting, cooking, teaching, cleaning, and learning the language with the local people. However, God led me through surprising events and circumstances to teach me lessons which are priceless..  I’d like to share some reflections and thoughts from my last trip that I had written down:  -God destined us for life, eternal life. The enemy does whatever He can to kill us spiritually, sometimes even physically. Christ came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. It is powerful to proclaim, “I will not die, but live. And will proclaim what the Lord has done” (Ps. 117).  -Never give up on what God calls you to in your life. Some trials are even just a test of how firm we will be in fulfilling God’s will for our lives.  -Stay faithful to God’s call. Sometimes we have our own expectations of how things will go, but God has His more glorious ways and we have to trust that He works for our good.   I’ll post a few photos from that last trip!

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