The background.

I figure it’s time to start a blog of my never ending life adventures!

Welcome, friends.REC_IMG_00224

I was an odd kid. My number 1 dream was to be a missionary. I grew up in a Christian Russian family of 15, and from them all, I felt like the oddball. Instilled in me, was a passion for others not to feel as crappy as I did. In my massive family I felt alone and didn’t want any other kids ever feeling like that. I dreamed of finding the Broken Folks. I was determined- my dreams were going to come true no matter what. At the age of 6, I was saving $4 for the future and proclaimed to adults that I was going to be like Mother Teresa. I wanted to travel the globe. I did awesome in school, had scholarships in store, and by 14 believed that my “missionary dreams” were impossible with where my life was successfully heading.  At 15, I was friends with the “bad kids” in school and soon began smoking and drinking. By 17, I was partying, raving, doing who-knows-what with who-knows-who, using drugs, and trying to find happiness in empty wells. Soon, I was on the highest dose of anti-depressants. At 18, I got the scholarship I hoped for, but at that point I was also a mess. Caught in a dark whirlwind, I was at a point of suicide. With a snotty attitude on a suicidal night,  I proclaimed to God that if He “exists,” He has 24 hours to radically change my life and give me a reason to want to live…. That’s when He made my kid dreams come true. I fell in love with Jesus all over again. Over a period of 5 years I attended a Bible College in Ukraine, lived at a rehab center in Oregon, spent 6 months in India serving in an orphanage, returned to the rehab to be a women’s counselor, and loved on the Mozambican people in Africa for 1.5 yrs.

After all those games, God graciously led me out of the organization I was with to love on ME and make MY life better. I wanted to help everyone else, and He’s like- now it’s time to help YOU. In all my travels I looked for a broken child like I was, and I never found one. I didn’t realize that I was that broken kid and all those things actually were healing ME. Recently, God pulled me out of cultish religion, gave me back joyous freedom, & has been helping me recover from anorexia and all the anxiety that’s built up with it.  That’s where the adventures of my life continue and a new chapter begins.

I want to become a therapist, because.. perhaps I can relate.



3 thoughts on “The background.

  1. God bless you Anna! So amazing to see God work in and through you! Stay strong in the Lord and shine that light of life and joy in Jesus! We love and miss you! 🙂


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